Man pages for kieranrcampbell/SpatialPRo
SpatialPRo: methods for spacial proteomics data

boxplotsBoxplots the distribution for each channel
cellclass-methodsClasses of each cell
cells-methodsCell measurement data
channelCorrCorrelation plot of channels within the sample
channelPlotBoxplots the distributions of channels depending on their...
channels-methodsChannel names used in the sample
dextract-methodsAccess a sample
dim-methodsDimension of underlying matrix representation
extract-methodsSubset an SPData set
files-methodsFile names
findBoundaryCells on a class boundary
generateNeighbourfromIDGenerate nearest neighbour data
getdir-methodsExperiment directory
id-methodsGet and set the sample ID
ids-methodsSample IDs
initialize-SPExp-methodInitialize SPExp
lengthNumber of samples
length-SPExp-methodNumber of samples
loadCellsLoads an Xell matlab file into the SPData format
loadexp-methodsLoad an experiment
nCells-methodsNumber of cells in the sample
nChannel-methodsNumber of channels in the sample
neighbourChannelSelects only particular channels to be returned as nearest...
neighbourclass-methodsNearest neighbours of a certain class
neighbourCorrCorrelation plot of channels with neighbours
neighbourid-methodsNearest neighbour IDs
neighbourmean-methodsAverage over nearest neighbours
neighbours-methodsList of nearest neighbour readouts
raw-methodsRaw data matrix
show-SPData-methodDefault show call
show-SPExp-methodDisplays content of 'SPExp' object
size-methodsCell sizes
spatialproMethods for spatial proteomics data
spdata-classClass SPdata
SPE-dataSPExp object with 5 samples used in report.
SPExp-classClass SPExp
SPExperimentCreate a new 'SPExp' object
SPExperimentfromDirLoad an experiment from cytobank in matlab format
spexp-extract-methodsSubset a 'SPExp' object.
spexp-single-extract-methodsSets a single sample in a 'SPExp' object
splist-methodsUnderlying list of SPData
weight-methodsBoundary weights
xy-methods2D Cell Coordinates
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