Man pages for komalsrathi/miRNAEnrich
Enrichment of miRNA

addmiRNAToLimmaadds miRNA information to limma output
backgroundLimma output of Expressed Genes
ftest.funFisher Exact Test for miRNA Enrichment
getFamilyGet the miRNA Family and add to the miRNA Enrichment Results
getOverlappingTargetsGet proportions of overlapping targets between all possible...
getTargetsThis function is used by getOverlappingTargets function to...
makeTableThis makes a 2 column table of all possible pairs of miRNA
microRNA.hsamicroRNA Human Database for miRNA-targets
microRNA.mmumicroRNA Mouse Database for miRNA-targets
mir.fam.hsamiRNA-miRNA family info in Human
mir.fam.mmumiRNA-miRNA family info in Mouse
mirna.enrichMain function of miRNAEnrich package. Computes miRNA...
miRNAEnrich-packageEnrichment of miRNA
overlapping.targets.microRNA.mmuOverlapping Targets in all possible miRNA pairs from...
overlapping.targets.targetscandb.mmuOverlapping Targets in all possible miRNA pairs from...
targetscandb.hsamiRNA-Target information from Targetscandb for Human
targetscandb.mmumiRNA-Target information from Targetscandb for Mouse
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