Man pages for kpjonsson/kpjmisc
Miscellanous Functions

clipboardUse OS clipboard
colorspace64Custom color palettes
dnamesCustom color palettes
facets_closeupGenerate gene-level Facets plot
fisher_testFisher's test
hotspot_annotate_mafAnnotate read MAF with hotspots
if_naReplace 'NA's
impact_genesGenes across versions of MSK-IMPACT
oncokb_annotate_mafAnnotate read MAF with OncoKB annotation
plot_strattonStratton plot
plot_survivalPlot Kaplan-Meier plot
portal_linkcBioPortal link
read_germlineRead DMP distributed germline file
read_impact_repository_filesHelper functions to read files from MSK-IMPACT repository
read_mafRead MAF file
read_signaturesMutational signatures
rownumRow numbers
setlistSet operations
set_themeSet 'ggplot2' theme
signature_barplotSignature barplot
test_mafExample MAF for testing
theme_bwmin'ggplot2' theme
theme_pub'ggplot2' theme
write_outWrite function
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