Man pages for lashmore/MolEndoMatch
Molecular Endophenotype Patient Matchmaking

data.fitDataToNormalFit non-normal data to a normal distribution.
data.quantileNormalizeQuantile normalization of a numerical matrix.
entropyFunctionEntropy of a bit-string
fishersMethodFisher's Combined P-value
graph.diffuseP1Diffuse Probability P1 from a starting node.
iteratedLogarithmIterated Logarithm (Base 2)
mle.generatePermutationMovieCapture the movement of the adaptive walk of the diffusion...
mle.getEncodingLengthMinimum encoding length (MLE)
mle.getPatientBitstringsGenerate patient-specific bitstrings from adaptive network...
mle.getPatientSimilarityPatient similarity using mutual information MLE metric of...
mle.getPermutationsGenerate the "adaptive walk" node permutations, starting from...
plot.ptSimilarityGenerate heatmap plot of patient similarity matrix.
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