Man pages for lrutter/bigPint
Big multivariate data plotted interactively

bigPint'bigPint' package
plotClustersPlot static parallel coordinate clusters
plotLitrePlot static litre plots
plotLitreAppPlot interactive litre plots
plotPCPPlot static parallel coordinate plots
plotPCPAppPlot interactive parallel coordinate plots
plotSMPlot static scatterplot matrices
plotSMAppPlot interactive scatterplot matrices
plotVolcanoPlot static volcano plot
plotVolcanoAppPlot interactive volcano plots
soybean_cnNormalized soybean cotyledon data
soybean_cn_metricsNormalized soybean cotyledon metrics
soybean_cn_subNormalized and subsetted soybean cotyledon data
soybean_cn_sub_metricsNormalized and subsetted soybean cotyledon metrics
soybean_irRaw soybean leaves iron-metabolism data
soybean_ir_metricsRaw soybean leaves iron-metabolism metrics
soybean_ir_subRaw and subsetted soybean leaves iron-metabolism data
soybean_ir_sub_metricsRaw and subsetted soybean leaves iron-metabolism metrics
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