Man pages for madlogos/recharts2
An R Interface to ECharts3

addGeoCoordAdd 'geoCoord' to An Echarts Object
addHeatmapAdd 'heatmap' to Echarts Object
addMarkLineAdd 'markLine' to An Echarts Object
addMarkPointAdd 'markPoint' to An Echarts Object
addNameMapAdd 'nameMap' to Echarts Object
aesStyleDefine Aesthetic Elements of Echarts Object
axisCreate an axis for a chart
convBD2GCJTransform BD-09 (Baidu) coordinates to GCJ-02 (Google...
convBD2WGSTransform BD-09 (Baidu) coordinates to WGS-84 (Global Coord)
convCoordGeneric Function to Convert coordinates
convGCJ2BDTransform GCJ-02 (Google CN/Amap) coordinates to BD-09...
convGCJ2WGSTransform GCJ-02 (Google CN/Amap) coordinates to WGS-84...
convWGS2BDTransform WGS-84 (Global GeoSys) coordinates to BD-09 (Baidu)
convWGS2GCJTransform WGS-84 (Global) coordinates to GCJ-02 (Google...
eChartCreate an ECharts widget
geohostIP address lookup
getColFromPalGet The Colors Vector From A Named Palette
getColorsGet Hex Color Vector (Not Exported)
iifIf-else Replacement Function For Vectors
invertColorInvert A Color to Its Conplementary Color
JS.Operator.Assignment'Javascript'-style Operator Assignment
position.orientText Position and Direction
recharts-importsObjects imported from other packages
recharts-shinyWrapper functions for Shiny
reheadHTMLTableReformat HTML Table
relocWidgetRe-locate Echarts Widgets (Position of Upper-left/Lower-right...
revgeocodeReverse geocode
rgbaGet A String Containing 'rgba' Function
setAxisSet 'x|yAxis' of Echarts (Primary or Secondary)
setDataRangeSet 'dataRange' Bar of Echarts
setDataZoomSet 'dataZoom' Bar of Echarts
setGridSet 'grid' of Echarts Widgets And Pane
setLegendSet 'legend' of Echarts
setPolarSet 'polar' of Echarts (For Radar Charts)
setSeriesSet 'series' Element by Element
setThemeSet Theme Or Misc Aesthetics (color, background, animation,...
setTimelineSet 'timeline' of Echarts
setTitleSet 'title' (And Subtitle) of Echarts
setToolboxSet 'toolbox' of Echarts
setTooltipSet 'tooltip' of Echarts
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