Man pages for marchtaylor/sinkr
Collection of functions with emphasis in multivariate data analysis

addAlphaAdd alpha channel (transparency) to colors
bioEnvClarke and Ainsworth's BIO-ENV routine
bvStepClarke and Ainsworth's BVSTEP routine
colorPaletteColor interpolation with uneven step size
cov4gappyCovariance matrix calculation for gappy data
cv.npermConduct k-fold cross validation with multiple permutations
dineofDINEOF (Data Interpolating Empirical Orthogonal Functions)
earthBearDirectional bearing between two geographic locations
earthDistEarth distance between two geographic locations
eofEOF (Empirical Orthogonal Functions analysis)
eofBootCalculate number of non-mixed EOFs (eof version)
eofNullCalculate significance of EOFs compared to a null model (eof...
eofPredEOF prediction
eofReconEOF reconstruction (Empirical Orthogonal Functions analysis)
expmatExponentiation of a matrix
fieldAnomalyCalculate the daily (julian or month/day date) or monthly...
getcolorsSelect colors visually
getcolors2Select colors visually
getResponseReturn response variable name from a fitted model
gm_meanGeometric Mean
gmtColorsGMT palette colors
imageScaleMake a color scale to accompany an image or other plot
isin.convertCalculate grid and polygon coordinates for 4 km ISIN grid
jetPaljet palette
kfoldDetermine k-fold partitions for a given number of samples
lonLatFilterFilter lon/lat positions that fall within defined boundaries
lsosList top n objects by size
mantelGAGenetic Algorithm Mantel
matrixPolyMake polygons from a matrix
nearestCalculate the nearest element in a vector as compared to a...
newLonLatDirectional bearing between two geographic locations
newRangeDefine a new range for a numeric
northTestNorth's Rule of Thumb for EOF significance
pca_kcvPrincipal component analysis k-fold cross-validation
pca_loocvPrincipal component analysis "leave-one-out" cross-validation
plotRegionColAdd color to plot region
plotStackedStacked plot
plotStreamStream plot
prcompBootCalculate number of non-mixed EOFs (prcomp version)
prcompNullCalculate significance of EOFs compared to a null model...
prcompReconprcomp object reconstruction
ptlocatorData point locator
reltextAdd text using relative x,y plot coordinates
round2resoRound to defined resolution increment
seqRanCreate a sequence of defined length over range of a vector
sharedValsIdentify shared values between two vectors
slpHadley SLP monthly mean dataset
spirographRMake a sprirograph-like design
sqbinSquare binning of xy data
sstKaplan monthly mean anomaly dataset
unscaleUnscale a matrix
val2colConvert values to color levels
winewine attributes dataset
woldcvWold's PCA cross-validation procedure
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