prgeng: Silicon Valley programmers and engineers data

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Silicon Valley programmers and engineers data


This data set is adapted from the 2000 Census (5% sample, person records). It is mainly restricted to programmers and engineers in the Silicon Valley area. (Apparently due to errors, there are some from other ZIP codes.)

There are three versions:

  • prgeng, the original data, with categorical variables, e.g. Occupation, in their original codes

  • peDumms, same but with categorical variables converted to dummies; due to the large number of levels the birth and PUMA data is not included

  • peFactors, same but with categorical variables converted to factors

  • pef, same as peFactors, but having only columns for age, education, occupation, gender, wage income and weeks worked. The education column has been collapsed to Master's degree, PhD and other.

The variable codes, e.g. occupational codes, are available from (Short code lists are given in the record layout, but longer ones are in the appendix Code Lists.)

The variables are:

  • age, with a U(0,1) variate added for jitter

  • cit, citizenship; 1-4 code various categories of citizens; 5 means noncitizen (including permanent residents)

  • educ: 01-09 code no college; 10-12 means some college; 13 is a bachelor's degree, 14 a master's, 15 a professional degree and 16 is a doctorate

  • occ, occupation

  • birth, place of birth

  • wageinc, wage income

  • wkswrkd, number of weeks worked

  • yrentry, year of entry to the U.S. (0 for natives)

  • powpuma, location of work

  • gender, 1 for male, 2 for female



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