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Overview and Package Reference Guide


This package provides a broad collection of functions useful for regression and classification analysis, and machine learning.

Function List

Parametric modeling:

  • nonlinear regression: nlshc

  • ridge regression: ridgelm, plot

  • missing values (also see our toweranNA package): lmac,makeNA,coef.lmac,vcov.lmac,pcac

Diagnostic plots:

  • regression diagnostics: parvsnonparplot, nonparvsxplot, nonparvarplot

  • other: boundaryplot, nonparvsxplot


  • unbalanced data: classadjust (see

  • All vs. All: avalogtrn, avalogpred

  • k-NN reweighting: exploreExpVars, plotExpVars, knnFineTune

Machine learning (also see qeML package):

  • k-NN: kNN, kmin, knnest, knntrn, preprocessx, meany, vary, loclin, predict, kmin, pwplot, bestKperPoint, knnFineTune

  • neural networks: krsFit,multCol

  • advanced grid search: fineTuning, fineTuningPar, plot.tuner, knnFineTune

  • loss: l1, l2, MAPE, ROC

Dummies and R factors Utilities:

  • conversion between factors and dummies: dummiesToFactor, dummiesToInt, factorsToDummies, factorToDummies, factorTo012etc, dummiesToInt, hasFactors, charsToFactors, makeAllNumeric

  • dealing with superset and subsets of factors: toSuperFactor, toSubFactor


  • mm


  • multCols, constCols

Time series:

  • convert rectangular to TS: TStoX

Text processing:

  • textToXY


  • scaling: mmscale, unscale

  • data frames: catDFRow, tabletofakedf

  • R: getNamedArgs, ulist

  • discretize

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