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This data is suitable for NLP analysis. It consists of all the quizzes I've given in undergraduate courses, 143 quizzes in all.

It is available in two forms. First, quizzes is a data.frame, 143 rows and 2 columns. Row i consists of a single character vector comprising the entire quiz i, followed by the course name (as an R factor). The second form is an R list, 143 elements. Each list element is a character vector, one vector element per line of the quiz.

The original documents were LaTeX files. They have been run through the detex utility to remove most LaTeX commands, as well as removing the LaTeX preambles separately.

The names of the list elements are the course names, as follows:

ECS 50: a course in machine organization

ECS 132: an undergraduate course in probabilistic modeling

ECS 145: a course in scripting languages (Python, R)

ECS 158: an undergraduate course in parallel computation

ECS 256: a graduate course in probabilistic modeling

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