Man pages for matt-sutton/sgspls
Sparse group-subgroup partial least squares

calc_pveCalculate percentage of variance explained (PVE)
coef.sgsplsCompute regression coefficients, loadings and
get_alphasGet the alpha values corresponding to the required sparsity
nonZeroReturn the nonzero columns and rows
perf.sgsplsPerformance evaluation of sgsPLS objects the cross validation curves of a object
predict.sgsplsPredict Method for sgspls
scale_vecCompute scaled vector multiplicaiton
select.sgsplsFind selected Modules, Genes and Times
sgsplsSparse Group Subgroup PLS
sgspls-internalInternal sgspls functions
sgspls-packageSparse group-subgroup partial least squares
tune_groupsCompute cross-validated mean squared prediction error for...
tune_sgsplsCompute cross-validated mean squared prediction error for...
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