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R Package for ACAS

acasEntityHierarchyThe hierarcy of ACAS entities
addErrorNon-fatal error tracking
addFileLinkSaves a file that will show up as a link in Seurat
analysis_group_save_from_tsvSave file paths using tsv loader
api_createProtocolCreate acas protocol
api_doseResponse_experimentFits experiment dose response data
api_doseResponse_fitData_to_curveDetailfitData object to json response
appendCodeNamesAppends code names to supplied valueKinds
appendToContainerNameChange container names
applicationSettingsConfiguration settings for the applicaiton
changeEntityModeChange mode ACAS entity
checkExistenceCheck for protocol or experiment existence
checkValueKindsCheck valueKinds
convertSELExperimentMetaDataToSELConverts an Experiment Meta Data data.frame to a pivoted...
createHtmlSummaryCreate an HTML summary
createLoggerCreates a new logger
createNamedExperimentCreate experiment with name
createSELCalculatedResultsCreates a data.frame that contains the elements of the...
createSELExperimentMetaDataCreates a data.frame that contains the elements of the...
createSELFileCreates an SEL formatted file
createSELRawResultsCreates a data.frame that contains the elements of the Raw...
createStateValueCreates a state value
createSubjectContainerInteractioncreate subject container interaction
createTagCreates a tag
dbWriteTableMatchColWrite table with matching columns names
deleteAnalysisGroupsByExperimentDelete analysis groups by experiment
deleteLinkFileDeletes a file that shows up as a link
dose_responseFit dose response data
dose_response_sessionFit dose response data
fit_data_to_acas_experiment_responsefitData object to json response
flattenDeepEntityFlattens Nested ACAS Entities
flattenEntityFlattens ACAS Entities
flattenLabelFlattens an lsLabel
flattenLabelsFlattens a list of lsLabels
flattenStateFlattens an lsState
flattenValueFlattens an lsValue
formatEntityAsTsvAndUploadSave data using tsv
getAcasFileLinkGet url for ACAS file
getCompoundNameGets parts of batch code
getConfiguredEntityTypesGets configured entity type
getContainerByLabelTextGet Containers by label text
getCurveDataExtract the parameters of a given set of curveids (of the...
getDDictValuesByTypeKindFormatGet ddict values by type and kind
getEntityRetrieves a list of entities (experiments or prototocols) by...
getEntityByIdGets an entity by id
getErrorTextGet error text for users
getExperimentByIdGets an experiment
getExperimentsByNameExperiment search by name
getExperimentStatesByTypeAndKindGet Experiment States
getExperimentValuesByTypeAndKindGet Experiment Values
getFileEncodingCheck file encoding
getOrCreateEntityStateGets a state
getOrCreateExperimentStateGets an experiment state
get_or_create_value_kindsGet Or Create Value Kind
getPreferredIdGets preferred ids
getPreferredId2Gets preferred ids
getPreferredIdInternalGets preferred ids
getPreferredLabelTextGet preferred label text
getPreferredNameGets Entity Name
getProtocolByIdGets a protocol
getProtocolsByNameProtocol search by name
getSectionGet dataframe sections
getSSLStringReturns "http://" for blank, null, or FALSE inputs;...
getStatesByTypeAndKindGets states from an entity
get_text_file_contentsGet text file contents as character
getUploadedFilePathReturns file path for uploaded files
getURLcheckStatusGet URL and check status
getValuesByTypeAndKindGets values from a state
getWarningTextGet warning text for users
helloFunction to say hello from racas
interpretJSONBooleanTurns 'true' and 'false' into TRUE and FALSE
linkOldContainersLinks new subjects to old containers
load_value_type_and_kindsLoads a set of default lsKinds per module
loggerCreates a new logger object or returns the "racasLogger"
meltBatchCodesTurns a batchCode column into rows in a long format
meltBatchCodes2Turns a batchCode column into rows in a long format
meltConcentrationsTurns concentration columns into rows in a long format
meltConcentrations2Turns concentration columns into rows in a long format
meltTimesTurns time columns into rows in a long format
meltTimes2Turns time columns into rows in a long format
meltWideDataMelt our data sets
modulesKnown acas modules which require lsKinds to exist
moveFileToExperimentFolderFile Saving (deprecated)
moveFileToFileServerMove file to file server
naIfNullTurn NULL into NA
parentAcasEntityGet parent of ACAS entity
pickBestLabelGet preferred labels
pickBestNamePick Best Name
pingPongPing-pong table generator
plotCurveCurve plotting function
prepareTableForDDDirect Database preparation
queryQuery the application data server.
query_replace_string_with_valuesReplace character in query string with values over n times...
readConfigFileRead a configuration file to racas::applicationSettings
readExcelOrCsvReading of Excel or CSV
readTsvDataFileDDRead tsv file for direct database load
saveAcasEntitiesSave ACAS entities to the server
saveAcasFilesave file in ACAS
saveAcasFileToExperimentsave file in ACAS
saveAllViaDirectDatabaseSave data frames using direct database load
saveAllViaTsvSave data frames using tsv loader
saveAnalysisResultsSave the HTML summary into the experiment
saveContainersave container objects Currently, this cannot accept labels...
saveDataDirectDatabaseSave data tables direct to database
saveEntitiesDDHelper functions for saving direct to database
saveInputParametersSave experiment parameters
saveLabelsFromLongFormatSave labels from a long format
saveStatesFromLongFormatSave states from a long format
saveTsvDataSave from tsv
saveValueKindsSaves value kinds
saveValuesDDSave values direct database
saveValuesFromLongFormatsaves "raw only" values
setExperimentHtmlExperiment html
setExperimentStatusExperiment status
simple_to_advanced_fit_settingsConvert a simple dose response request to an advanced dose...
stopUserFatal error tracking
tryCatchLogError and warning trapping and logging
tryCatch.W.EError and warning trapping
tsv_url_to_data_tabletsv service url to data.table
updateOrCreateStateValueUpdate a value
updateValueByTypeAndKindUpdate Values
validateCheck that strings can be coerced to others
validateSharedMetaDataMeta data validation
warnUserWarning tracking
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