Defines functions download_data

Documented in download_data

#' Download and uncompress a zipped data file
#' Given the URL of a .zip file, this function will download it and decompress
#' it to a given location.
#' This function was intended to download and uncompress the data located at
#' https://archive.ics.uci.edu/ml/datasets/Sentiment+Labelled+Sentences
#' It is not a general function to download arbitrary data, but may be a
#' useful template.
#' @param save_location character. The contents of the downloaded zip file will
#' be uncompressed and saved here. If save_location does not exist, it will be
#' created, as well as any missing parent directories.
#' @export
download_data <- function(save_location = getwd()) {
  data_source_url <- paste0("https://archive.ics.uci.edu",

  zip_file <- tempfile()
  utils::download.file(data_source_url, zip_file)

  if (!dir.exists(save_location)) {
      dir.create(save_location, recursive = TRUE)

  data_files <- file.path("sentiment labelled sentences",

  utils::unzip(zip_file, files = data_files, junkpaths = TRUE, exdir = save_location)
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