Man pages for merrillrudd/LIME
Length-based Integrated Mixed Effects (LIME) assessment method

age_lengthUncertainty in age given length
AgeToLengthCompAge-converted-to-length structure for compositional data
calc_derived_quantsCalculate biological reference points
calc_equil_abundCalculate abundance at equilibrium
calc_msyCalculate MSY reference point
calc_refPer recruit calculation and spawning potential ratio
create_inputsCreate input parameters for TMB model
create_lh_listCreate new life history list
format_inputTMB input formatting
generate_dataGenerate data for simulation testing
get_convergedCheck convergence and re-run for common issues
getFtuse newtons method to find instantaneous f 'getft'...
LFreq_dftransforms length composition data from matrix, array, or...
LIME-packageLength-based Integrated Mixed Effects (LIME) assessment...
model_pathsSet up model paths
plot_LCfitsplot length composition data and model fits
plot_outputplot LIME output
print_letterPrint letter on a figure
read_sdreportread TMB Sdreport
run_LIMErun LIME model - simulation mode
runstackPredictive stacking
run_stackingRun stacking algorithm
sim_popOperating model
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