Man pages for merrillrudd/StreamUtils
Additional utilities for FishStats spatio-temporal modeling toolbox focusing on stream networks

make_extrapolation_infoBuild extrapolation grid
make_spatial_infoBuild objects related to spatial information
nz_longfin_eelNew Zealand longfin eel data
nz_waitaki_longfin_eelNew Zealand longfin eel data from the Waitaki River catchment
or_siletz_cohoOregon Siletz watershed coho data
plot_biomass_indexPlot index of abundance
plot_encounter_diagnosticCheck predicted encounter probability against observed...
plot_mapsPlot standard maps
plot_networkPlot stream network and optional observations
plot_quantile_diagnosticDiagnostic QQ function
plot_residualsPlot Pearson residuals on map
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