Man pages for molepi/DNAmArray
Streamlined workflow for the quality control, normalization and bias-free analysis of Illumina methylation array data - The Leiden approach

detectionPdetectionP that accepts NA's
DMRfinderDMR finder
getSex.DNAmArrayDetermine sex based on X chr methylation status
hg19.GoNLsnpsDataframe with overlaps GoNL variants and 450K probes
hm450.manifest.pop.GoNLHM450 population-specific probe-masking recommendations
probeFilteringfilter on probe-level: number of beads and zero intensities
qqpfPrinter friendly qq-plot
read.metharray.exp.parconstruct RGChannelSet in parallel
reduceExtract functional normalized data according to filter data
screeplotScree plot of the 450k control probe intensities
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