Man pages for mrc-ide/siR
Individual-based SIR models in R and Rcpp

age_of_deathProbability death with be at a given age.
conditional_lifespanDraw conditional lifespan
current_ageDraw current age
days_to_stepsConvert days to steps
demog_testTest demography
draw_equilibrium_ageDraw an age (in days) from the equilibrium age distribution
draw_equilibrium_death_ageDraw a death age conditional on an age from the equilibrium...
draw_sampleSample events for a group of individuals from binomial
equilibrium_ageEquilibrium age distribution.
equilibrium_age_deathEquilibrium age of death
equilibrium_age_distributionEquilibrium age distribution
format_cppFormat c++
get_timeModel times
ibm_closed_SIRClosed SIR (IBM)
infection_probabilityCalculate the current probability of infection
lifetable_to_transtion_matrixLifetable to transition matrix
odin_closed_sirClosed SIR (ODIN)
open_sirOpen sIR
open_sir_rcppTest demography
pipePipe graphics
postPost processing wrapper for c++ output
prob_death_who_to_annualSmooth WHO life table death probabilites
rate_to_probConvert a rate to a probability
sample_doubleSample single double from range.
sample_intSample single integer from range.
set_timeSet time
weighted_sample_doubleSample single double from vector with probability weights.
weighted_sample_intSample single integer from vector with probability weights.
weighted_sample_min_doubleSample single double from vector with probability weights...
weighted_sample_min_intSample single integer from vector with probability weights...
years_to_stepsConvert years to steps
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