Man pages for ms609/TreeDistData
Analysis of Phylogenetic Tree Distance Measures

AllDistsAll distances between a pair of trees
bullseyeBullseye test results
CompareAllTreesAll distances between each pair of trees
distanceDistributionsDistances between random pairs of trees
dot-TDDTableTabulate method outputs
linTestsEvaluating tree distance metrics by cluster recovery
PairwiseDistancesDistances between each pair of trees
randomTreeDistancesMean distances between random pairs of trees
randomTreePairsPairs of random trees
sevenTipDistancesDistances between unrooted seven-leaf trees
shapeEffectShape effect
sprDistancesTree distance and SPR moves
TreeDistColSelect colour from palette
TreeDistData-package'TreeDistData' is an R package that contains the functions...
TreeDistMethodsMethod parameters
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