Man pages for ndukler/tkSim
Simulates transcript abundance based on synthesis and degredation rates

basicKineticModelBasic Kinetic Model Constructor
basicKineticModel-classClass basicKineticModel
calculateEquilibriumCalculate equilibrium transcript abundance
calculatePosteriorsCalculate Posterior Probabilities for Infered Parameters
estimateDispersionsEstimate Dispersions Using DESeq2
helloHello, World!
inferParametersInfer Parameters from Read Data
plotAbundancesPlot transcript abundance
plotMarginalDistPlot the marginal posterior distribution of an estimated...
plotParameterFitPlot Data Against the Fit Parameters
plotPosteriorsPlot Posteriors for Infered Parameters
simulateDataSimulate Theoretical Data
simulateReadsSimulate Reads
timeEpsilonEqCalculate time to near equilibrium
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