Man pages for neuroconductor-releases/LESYMAP
Lesion to Symptom Mapping in R

BMSlow R-based Brunner-Munzel tests
BMfastFast Brunner-Munzel tests (v1)
BMfast2Fast Brunner-Munzel tests (v2)
BMfast2_dualmatrixFast Brunner-Munzel tests (v2) - dual matrix
BMpermFast Brunner-Munzel tests (v2) with permutations
checkAntsInputDetermine type of variable passed by user
checkAssumptions_ttestCheck t-test assumptions at each voxel
checkFilenameHeadersCheck headers of files stored on disk
checkImageListCheck headers of list of antsImages
checkMaskCompare headers between mask and other images
createFoldsCreate folds for k-fold validation
getLesionLoadCompute regional lesion load
getLesionSizeLesion size computation
getUniqueLesionPatchesCompute unique lesion patches
lesyload_mricronGet inputs from MRIcron/npm file
lesymapLesion to Symptom Mapping
lesymap.predictPrediction of new cases from lesymap output
lsm_BMBrunner-Munzel tests for symptom mapping (slow)
lsm_BMfastBrunner-Munzel tests for symptom mapping (fast)
lsm_chisqChi square tests for symptom mapping
lsm_regresRegression tests for symptom mapping (slow)
lsm_regresfastRegression tests for symptom mapping (fast)
lsm_regresPermRegression tests for symptom mapping (permutation p-vlaues)
lsm_sccanSparse canonical correlations for symptom mapping
lsm_svrSupport Vector Regression for symptom mapping
lsm_ttestT-tests for symptom mapping (slow)
lsm_ttestFastT-tests for symptom mapping (fast)
minSegDistanceMetric displacement of binary masks
optimize_SCCANsparsenessOptimization of SCCAN sparseness
printInfoDisplay info messages in console
print.lesymapConsole print of lesymap object
registerLesionToTemplateRegister lesions in template space
regresfastFast linear regressions
save.lesymapSave the output of lesymap.
simulateBehaviorSimulation of behavior scores from lesion maps
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