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MR Spectroscopy Analysis Tools

alignAlign spectra to a reference frequency using a convolution...
apodise_xyApodise MRSI data in the x-y direction with a k-space hamming...
append_dynsAppend MRS data across the dynamic dimension, assumes they...
apply_axesApply a function over specified array axes
apply_mrsApply a function across given dimensions of a MRS data object
apply_pvcConvert default LCM/TARQUIN concentration scaling to molal...
basis2mrs_dataConvert a basis object to an mrs_data object - where basis...
beta2lwCovert a beta value in the time-domain to an equivalent...
calc_coil_noise_corCalculate the noise correlation between coil elements.
calc_coil_noise_sdCalculate the noise standard deviation for each coil element.
calc_peak_infoSearch for the highest peak in a spectral region and return...
calc_sd_polyPerform a polynomial fit, subtract and return the standard...
calc_spec_diffCalculate the sum of squares differences between two mrs_data...
calc_spec_snrCalculate the spectral SNR.
check_lcmCheck LCModel can be run
check_tqnCheck the TARQUIN binary can be run
comb_coilsCombine coil data based on the first data point of a...
comb_metab_refCombine a reference and metabolite mrs_data object.
conjConjugate MRS data.
crop_specCrop 'mrs_data' object based on a frequency range.
def_acq_parasReturn a list of the default acquisition parameters.
def_fsReturn the default sampling frequency in Hz.
def_ftReturn the default transmitter frequency in Hz.
def_NReturn the default number of data points in the spectral...
def_refReturn the default reference value for ppm scale.
dynsReturn the number of dynamic scans in an MRS dataset.
eccEddy current correction.
est_noise_sdEstimate the standard deviation of the noise from a segment...
fd2tdTransform frequency-domain data to the time-domain.
fit_diagsCalculate diagnostic information for object of class...
fit_mrsPerform a fit based analysis of MRS data.
fit_tab2csvWrite fit results table to a csv file.
fp_corr_tdFrequency and phase corretion of MRS data in the time-domain.
fp_phaseReturn the phase of the first data point in the time-domain.
fp_phase_correctPerform a zeroth order phase correction based on the phase of...
fsReturn the sampling frequency in Hz of an MRS dataset.
ft_shiftPerform a fft and ffshift on a vector.
ft_shift_matPerform a fft and fftshift on a matrix with each column...
get_1h_brain_basis_parasReturn a list of 'mol_parameter' objects suitable for 1H...
get_acq_parasReturn acquisition parameters from a MRS data object.
get_dynsExtract a subset of dynamic scans.
get_even_dynsReturn even numbered dynamic scans starting from 1...
get_fh_dynsReturn the first half of a dynamic series
get_fit_mapGet a data array from a fit result
get_fpReturn the first time-domain data point.
get_metabExtract the metabolite component from an mrs_data object.
get_mol_namesReturn a character array of names that may be used with the...
get_mol_parasGet a 'mol_parameters' object for a named molecule.
get_odd_dynsReturn odd numbered dynamic scans starting from 1 (1,3,5...).
get_refExtract the reference component from an mrs_data object.
get_seg_indGet the indices of data points lying between two values (end...
get_sh_dynsReturn the second half of a dynamic series
get_sliceReturn a single slice from a larger MRSI dataset.
get_svs_voiGenerate a SVS acquisition volume from an 'mrs_data' object.
get_td_ampReturn an array of amplitudes derived from fitting the...
get_uncoupled_molGenerate a 'mol_parameters' object for a simple spin system...
get_voi_segReturn the white matter, gray matter and CSF composition of a...
get_voxelReturn a single voxel from a larger mrs dataset.
hsvd_filtHSVD based signal filter.
ift_shiftPerform an iffshift and ifft on a vector.
image.mrs_dataImage plot method for objects of class mrs_data.
interleave_dynsInterleave the first and second half of a dynamic series
int_specIntegrate a spectral region.
inv_even_dynsInvert even numbered dynamic scans starting from 1...
inv_odd_dynsInvert odd numbered dynamic scans starting from 1 (1,3,5...).
is_fdCheck if the chemical shift dimension of an MRS data object...
lbApply line-broadening (apodisation) to MRS data or basis...
mat2mrs_dataConvert a matrix (with spectral points in the row dimension...
mean_dyn_blocksCalculate the mean of adjacent dynamic scans.
mean_dyn_pairsCalculate the pairwise means across a dynamic data set.
mean_dynsCalculate the mean dynamic data.
median_dynsCalculate the median dynamic data.
mrs_data2basisConvert an mrs_data object to basis object - where basis...
mrs_data2matConvert mrs_data object to a matrix, with spectral points in...
mvfftshiftPerform a fftshift on a matrix, with each column replaced by...
NReturn the number of data points in an MRS dataset.
n2coordPrint fit coordinates from a single index.
NspecReturn the total number of spectra in an MRS dataset.
phaseApply phasing parameters to MRS data.
plot.fit_resultPlot the fitting results of an object of class 'fit_result'.
plot_fit_slicePlot a 2D slice from an MRSI fit result object
plot_fit_slice_interPlot a 2D slice from an MRSI fit result object
plot.mrs_dataPlotting method for objects of class mrs_data.
plot_slice_mapPlot a slice from a 7 dimensional array
plot_slice_map_interPlot an interactive slice map from a data array where voxels...
plot_voi_overlayPlot a volume as an image overlay.
plot_voi_overlay_segPlot a volume as an overlay on a segmented brain volume.
ppmReturn the ppm scale of an MRS dataset.
press_idealPRESS sequence with ideal pulses.
print.fit_resultPrint a summary of an object of class 'fit_result'.
print.mrs_dataPrint a summary of mrs_data parameters.
pulse_acquireSimple pulse and acquire sequence with ideal pulses.
pulse_acquire_31pSimple pulse and acquire sequence with ideal pulses.
read_basisRead a basis file in LCModel .basis format.
read_lcm_coordRead an LCModel formatted coord file containing fit...
read_mrsRead MRS data from a file.
read_mrs_dptRead MRS data stored in dangerplot (dpt) v3 format.
read_mrs_tqnRead MRS data using the TARQUIN software package.
read_tqn_fitReader for csv fit results generated by TARQUIN.
read_tqn_resultReader for csv results generated by TARQUIN.
rep_dynReplicate a scan in the dynamic dimension.
resample_voiResample a VOI to match a target image space.
rm_dynsRemove a subset of dynamic scans.
scale_amp_molal_pvcApply partial volume correction to a fitting result object.
scale_amp_molarApply water reference scaling to a fitting results object to...
scale_amp_ratioScale fitted amplitudes to a ratio of signal amplitude.
scale_amp_water_ratioScale metabolite amplitudes as a ratio to the unsupressed...
secondsReturn a time scale vector to match the FID of an MRS data...
set_def_acq_parasSet the default acquisition parameters.
set_lcm_cmdSet the command to run the LCModel command-line program.
set_refSet the ppm reference value (eg ppm value at 0Hz).
set_td_ptsSet the number of time-domain data points, truncating or...
set_tqn_cmdSet the command to run the TARQUIN command-line program.
shiftApply a frequency shift to MRS data
sim_basisSimulate a basis set object.
sim_basis_1h_brain_pressSimulate a basis-set suitable for 1H brain MRS analysis...
sim_basis_tqnSimulate a basis file using TARQUIN.
sim_molSimulate a 'mol_parameter' object.
sim_noiseSimulate a time-domain mrs_data object containing simulated...
sim_resonancesSimulate a MRS data object containing a set of simulated...
spant_mpress_driftExample MEGA-PRESS data with significant B0 drift.
spant-packagespant: spectroscopy analysis tools.
spin_echo_idealSpin echo sequence with ideal pulses.
spin_echo_ideal_31pSpin echo sequence with ideal pulses.
spm_pve2categoricalConvert SPM style segmentation files to a single catagorical...
stackplotProduce a plot with multiple traces.
stackplot.fit_resultPlot the fitting results of an object of class 'fit_result'...
stackplot.mrs_dataStackplot plotting method for objects of class mrs_data.
sum_coilsCalculate the sum across receiver coil elements.
sum_dynsCalculate the sum of data dynamics.
td2fdTransform time-domain data to the frequency-domain.
td_conv_filtTime-domain convolution based filter.
varpro_3_para_optsReturn a list of options for VARPRO based fitting with 3 free...
varpro_optsReturn a list of options for VARPRO based fitting.
vec2mrs_dataConvert a vector into a mrs_data object.
write_basisWrite a basis object to an LCModel .basis formatted file.
write_basis_tqnGenerate a basis file using TARQUIN.
write_mrs_dpt_v2Write MRS data object to file in dangerplot (dpt) v2 format.
zfZero-fill MRS data in the time domain.
zf_xyZero-fill MRSI data in the k-space x-y direction.
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