Man pages for nickbrazeau/polyIBD
Assessing Identity by Descent in Polyclonal Infections

extract_polyIBD_summaryExtract items from the output of 'polyIBD::runMCMC' under the...
getTransProbsGet transition probabilities
ggplot_fTrace ggplot of f individual
ggplot_f_postprobTrace ggplot of f posterior prob
ggplot_IBDPlot marginal IBD matrix
ggplot_IBDrasterPlot polyIBD outputs collectively
ggplot_kTrace plot of k
ggplot_m1Trace ggplot of m1
ggplot_m2Trace ggplot of m2
pfcross_subsetP. falciparum Cross Project Data
plot_fTrace plot of f posterior probability
plot_IBDPlot marginal IBD matrix
plot_kTrace plot of k
plot_m1Trace plot of m1
plot_m2Trace plot of m2
plot.polyIBDDefault multi-panel plot for polyIBD class
polyIBD_iterations2tidyExtract burn-in and sampling iterations from the MCMC as part...
polyIBD-packageA short title line describing what the package does
runMCMCRun polyIBD MCMC using Rcpp functions
simDataSimulate data from polyIBD model
simIBDSimulate IBD sections between two samples
vcf2polyIBDinputConvert a 'vcfRobject' to –TEMP - polyIBDinput
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