Man pages for nlhuong/buds
Bayesian Unidimensional Scaling (BUDS)

buds-packageThe 'buds' package.
cor_distCompute pairwise correlation-based distance
fit_budsFit Bayesian Unidimensional Scaling model to
generic_distCompute pairwise generic distances
get_D_copiesPosterior samples of noisy dissimilarities
get_dist_dfConvert dissimilarity data into input format for BUDS
get_input_for_distatisGet data in a format for DiSTATIS
get_subset_tauData subset along gradient
get_tau_dfExtract tau
kNN_distk-nearest neighbours distance.
kNN_idxIndices for k-nearest neighbours.
low_dim_visLow dimensional data representation. Compute reduced...
merge_heatmap_optsMerge default options for a heatmap
plot_buds_1DPlot 1D latent coordinates
plot_buds_trajectoryPlot data trajectory in 2 or3D
plot_distatisPlot DiSTATIS representation of the data
plot_features_curvesPlot features
plot_kNN_mean_distPlot distance to kNN
plot_matrixPlot matrix
plot_ordPlot PCoA
plot_ordered_matrixPlot ordered data matrix
plot_point_contoursPlot data point contours
prin_curve_locPrincipal curve locations
run_distatisDistatis ordination coordiantes
transform_distRank based transform distances to triangular distribution
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