Man pages for olivmrtn/MachineLearningGWAS
Machine Learning for Genome Wide Association Studies

aggregateMDTAggregate FeatureIDs Into Higher Level IDs
annotateMDTAnnotate MDT Objects
asMatrixMDTConvert mtable data.table to matrix
chrAsCharacterChromsome integer values as character
chrAsNumericChromsome character values as integer
fillMDTFill missing values for MDT objects.
filterMDTFilter MDT Objects
importPhenotypeAdds phenotype data to MDT object
manhattanPlotManhattan Plot for MDT and MLGWAS objects.
MDT-classMutation Data Table
mdtToGRangesConvert MDT to Genomic Ranges
MLGWAS-classMachine Learning for Genome Wide Association Studies (MLGWAS)
plotMDTPlot MDT objects
readVcfDirReads directory of VCF files
selectMDTRetrieve annotations from MDT objects.
summaryMLGWASSummary of MLGWAS Performance, Feature Importance and Errors
trainClassifierTrain Classifier for MDT
trainClassifiersCalls trainClassifier for different combination of...
vcfsToMDTConvert a list of VCF objects into an MDT object
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