Man pages for pablo-gar/rSubmitter
An interface between R and a SLURM cluster

cancelJobCancels a SLURM job
clean_interruptionHelper of superApply
createJobScriptsDataHelper of superApply
createStringFunctionHelper of superApply
getJobArrayHelper of superApply
getJobNumberGets the number of existing SLURM jobs for a given user
getJobStateGets the job state(s) of one or more SLURM jobs
getMaxJobArrayLengthGets maximum length for a Job array in the current SLURM...
getPartitionIndecesHelper of superApply
getUserFunctionsHelper of superApply
getUserPackagesHelper of superApply
grepTempFileFrom an existing file, creates a new one containing a given...
isWriteableReturns TRUE if the path is writeable
JobClass for individual SLURM job submission and management
JobArrayClass for efficient multi-job SLURM submission and management
JobInfoParent class of Job and JobArray
mergeListDirHelper of superApply
parseArgConverts string into vector using a separator
printTimePrints message with current time and date
shellCmdExistsCheck if shell command exists
superApplyEfficient parallel lapply using a SLURM cluster
trimTrims white space
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