Man pages for pachterlab/museumst
Museum of Spatial Transcriptomics

cache_timestampGet the timestamp of the internal version of the metadata
cat_heatmapPlot heatmap to show relationship between two categorical...
era_freqpolyPrequel vs current binned over time
geocode_addressGeocode addresses and institutions with Google's API
geocode_cityGet longitude and latitude of cities
geocode_inst_cityGeocode institutions and cities
get_pubs_dfGet data frame with one publication per row
hist_boolPlot histogram for each value of a logical variable
hist_bool_linePlot outlines of histogram for a logical variable
inst_wordsList of institution words
lcm_abstractsLCM abstracts from PubMed and bioRxiv search
lcm_city_gcCity geocodes of LCM literature
lcm_dfm2Document term matrix of LCM abstracts
lcm_tokensquanteda tokens for LCM abstracts
make_labsConstruct plotmath labels for time lines
my_searchKFind the appropriate number of topics for stm
plot_ecPlot exclusivity vs. semantic coherence for different K's
plot_facets_colorColor facet strips by a variable
plot_k_resultPlot the metrics for each K tried
plot_timelinePlot time line with images and descriptions of each event
plot_topic_propPlot expected topic proportion in the corpus
plot_topic_wordsPlot probability of each word in each topic
plot_wordcloudPlot word cloud for a column
pubs_on_mapPlot number of publications at each location
pubs_per_capitaPlot per capita data as choropleth or bar plot
pubs_per_catNumber of publications per category
pubs_per_yearNumber of publications per year
read_major_eventsRead the major events sheet
read_metadataRead the metadata from Google Sheets
sheet_fillColor palette for sheets
species_colsColor palette for species
stm_resstm model of LCM abstracts
test_year_boolTest whether something is associated with time
unnest_catTransform the sheet to have one species, method, or language...
word_prop_scatterCompare word frequencies between current era and prequel
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