read_major_events: Read the major events sheet

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Read the major events sheet


There's a column for image file names. Absence of file name means that I can't legally use the image for free. The ones present in the image column can be reused in this package for free. PNAS's website says permission is not required for reuse of figures for non-commercial purposes in the Requesting Permissions section: The other images used are under some form of Creative Commons license, and a corresponding link to the license is in the license column.


read_major_events(update = FALSE)



Logical, whether to update cache. If not, then the cache is read, and if the cache is absent, then a file contained within this package is read. This file within the package is updated with each version of this package. If TRUE, then the data is directly downloaded from Google Sheets, which is guaranteed to be up to date.


A tibble. In the returned tibble, the image column will be the paths to the images of interest on your computer for plotting time lines.

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