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Plot heatmap to show relationship between two categorical variables


For instance, are papers for certain techniques more likely to be in certain journals? Is there an association between species and journal? This is just for visualization. Use ‘fisher.test' to see if it’s significant. I still wonder if I should rewrite this with ggplot2, which is more work than base R in this case.


cat_heatmap(pubs, row_var, col_var, ...)



A data frame with at least these columns:


Name of the journal of the paper.


Year when the paper was published.

There must be one row per publication or per method or species for each title if faceting by those. If facetting, then a column whose name is the value in 'facet_by' must be present.


Variable for rows of the heatmap. Tidyeval is supported.


Variable for columns of the heatmap.


Extra arguments to pass to 'heatmap'


A base R heatmap is plotted to the current device.

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