Man pages for pachterlab/zika
Tools for investigating RNA-Seq

basic_filterBasic row filter
design_matrixExtract design matrix
get_bootstrapsExtract bootstrap for a specific transcript
get_colGet a data.frame from all kallisto objects
kallisto_tableGet kallisto abundance table from a sleuth object
modelsView which models have been fit
norm_factorsNormalization factors
plot_bootstrapPlot bootstrap summary
plot_fld.kallistoPlot fragment length distribution
plot_fld.sleuthPlot fragment length distribution
plot_group_densityPlot density
plot_loadingsPlot Loadings and Interpretations
plot_maMA plot
plot_mean_varMean-variance relationship
plot_pcaPlot PCA
plot_pc_variancePlot PC Variance
plot_qqQQ plot
plot_sample_densityPlot sample density
plot_sample_heatmapPlot sample heatmap
plot_scatterSample to sample scatter plot
plot_transcript_heatmapPlot clustered heatmap
plot_varsPlot technical variance versus observed variance
plot_volcanoPlot volcano plot
print.sleuth_modelPrint sleuth model
read_kallistoRead kallisto output
read_kallisto_h5Read a kallisto object from an HDF5 file
read_kallisto_tsvRead kallisto plaintext output
sleuth_fitFit a measurement error model
sleuth_gene_tableCreate a gene table from a sleuth object
sleuth_liveInteractive sleuth visualization with Shiny
sleuth_live_settingssettings for sleuth_live
sleuth_lrtsleuth likelihood ratio test
sleuth_prepConstructor for a 'sleuth' object
sleuth_resultsExtract Wald test results from a sleuth object
sleuth_to_matrixConvert a sleuth object to matrix
sleuth_wtWald test for a sleuth model
transcripts_from_geneGet the names of the transcripts associated to a gene
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