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High-Dimensional Regression Modeling

bcTCGABreast cancer gene expression data from The Cancer Genome...
boot.glmnetCalculate confidence intervals for lasso using bootstrap
CIplotPlot confidence intervals (NEEDS DOCUMENTATION)
datasetsDatasets available in the hdrm package
downloadDataDownload data and read into R
Ex1.1Reproduce Example 1.1
Ex1.2Reproduce Example 1.2
Ex9.1Reproduce Example 9.1
Fig1.1Reproduce Figure 1.1
Fig1.2Reproduce Figure 1.2
Fig1.3Reproduce Figure 1.3
Fig1.4Reproduce Figure 1.4
Fig1.5Reproduce Figure 1.5
Fig2.1Reproduce Figure 2.1
Fig2.10Reproduce Figure 2.10
Fig2.11Reproduce Figure 2.11
Fig2.12Reproduce Figure 2.12
Fig2.2Reproduce Figure 2.2
Fig2.3Reproduce Figure 2.3
Fig2.4Reproduce Figure 2.4
Fig2.5Reproduce Figure 2.5
Fig2.6Reproduce Figure 2.6
Fig2.7Reproduce Figure 2.7
Fig2.8Reproduce Figure 2.8
Fig2.9Reproduce Figure 2.9
Fig6.6Reproduce Figure 6.6
Fig9.2Reproduce Figure 9.2
Fig9.4Reproduce Figure 9.4
genDataSimulate data for regression models
genDataABNSimulate data according to Causal/Correlated/Noise paradigm
genDataGrpSimulate grouped data for regression models
Koussounadis2014Carbotax study of ovarian tumor growth
pollutionAir pollution and mortality in US metropolitan areas
Tab1.1Reproduce Table 1.1
Tab9.1Reproduce Table 9.1
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