Man pages for poales/sharkeySpec
Handle and analyze SharkeySpec data

ss_a520_baselineCollect baseline 520 absorbance from a list of ECS data
ss_bookkeepingGeneral usability function for raw data
ss_ecs_fitPerforms fitting of ECS traces
ss_ecs_fit_allVectorized fitting of ECS data.
ss_fopAttempt to work up Fo' data
ss_full_workupNarrow function that attempts to correlate gas exchange and...
ss_phi2_calculationCalculate Phi2 from PS2 traces
ss_phi2_calculation_buBackup for phi2 data calculation I don't think I need this...
ss_readRead a single file of data
ss_read_all_folderRead in and aggregate all files in the folder
ss_readTypeGiven a pattern, returns a read-in of all data files matching...
ss_runsetterA narrow function to read through an appended dataset and...
ss_sorterSort a list of data by time
ss_splitfunA more rigid application of ss_runsetter
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