Man pages for poipou/CytoSEE
automatic computation and evaluation of cytometry data

adjustedRandIndexculculate the adjusted Rand Index for the return class with...
cytoseeThe cytosee Class
cytosee_clusteringOpens 'cytosee' results in an interactive session in a web...
cytosee_consboostConsboost function which using consensus clustering method
cytosee_goOpens 'SC3' results in an interactive session in a web...
cytosee_reduce_dimReduce dimension of high dimension FCS data
DensityCutThe densityCut algorithm
DMTbuild Divisive marker tree
GetKnnRandomProjectionEfficient Knn-search in high-dimensional search (upto 1000...
helloHello, World!
initiflowInitialize and setup the iflow obj
LocCLIt will query the possible result from local ontology...
NeatPlotReset the default parameters for the plot function
PhenoCLAutomate Query phenotypes from Cell ontology
PRO_consensusGenerate the best label by consensus clustering
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