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MSI Tools

AppendNormalizationCoefsAppendNormalizationCoefs: Appends a new normalization...
AverageSpectrumAverageSpectrum. Computes the average spectrum of a whole...
BaseSpectrumBaseSpectrum. Computes the base spectrum of a whole rMSI...
builRasterImageFromColsBuild a image slice from specified datacube columns.
builRasterImageFromMassBuild a image slice from specified datacube masses.
CreateEmptyImageCreate an empty rMSI object with defined mass axis and size.
DeleteRamdiskRemove an rMSI object ramdisk
getCoordsFromIdsgetCoordsFromIds Obtain images coords from a set of Ids.
getCubeRowFromCoordsObtain the cube index and cube row of a given image coords.
getCubeRowFromIdsObtain the cube index and cube row of a given image Ids.
getIdsFromCoordsObtain the image Identifiers from a given set of images...
getImageColsFromMassObtain the rMSI datacube columns corresponding to a mass.
importBrukerXmassImgImport a MSI dataset from Bruker XMASS folder and a XML file.
importBrukerXMASSImg_WizardImport a MSI dataset from Bruker XMASS folder and a XML file...
imzMLparseimzMLparse. Parses a imzML file and obtain all relevant data...
insertRasterImageAtColsInserts a image at specified Cols of a rMSI object.
insertRasterImageAtMassInserts a image at specified mass of a rMSI object.
loadImageSliceFromColsLoad a image slice from a specified datacube columns.
loadImageSliceFromMassLoad a image slice from a specified mass and tolerance.
loadImgChunkFromCoordsLoads a part of a ff data img in RAM.
loadImgChunkFromCubeLoads a part of a ff data img in RAM.
loadImgChunkFromIdsLoads a part of a ff data img in RAM.
LoadMsiDataLoad rMSI data from a compressed tar.
MSIWindowOpen the GUI to explore a MS image
NormalizeByAcqDegradationNormalizeByAcqDegradation: Normalizes an rMSI image to...
NormalizeByAcqDegradationOnTargetPeaksNormalizeByAcqDegradationOnTargetPeaks: Calculates the...
NormalizeMAXNormalizeMAX: Calculates the MAX normalizatin of each pixel...
NormalizeRMSNormalizeRMS: Calculates the RMS normalizatin of each pixel...
NormalizeTargetPeaksNormalizeTargetPeaks: Calculates the normalization of each...
NormalizeTICNormalizeTIC: Calculates the TIC normalizatin of each pixel...
OpenMSIOpen a MS image from Hdd directly allowing the user to chose...
PlotClusterImagePlotClusterImage. Plot a segmentation image with the...
plotMassImageByPeakPlot a mass image of a up to 3 selected ions.
plotRGBDataOnImgplotRGBDataOnImg: Function to plot generic data on a RGB...
plotSpectraPlot Mass Spectra in a interactive way.
plotVariousMassImagesByPeakPlots a image using various MS image objects and the same...
saveImageSliceAtColsOverwrite an image slice of an rMSI object.
saveImageSliceAtMassOverwrite an image slice of an rMSI object.
saveImgChunkAtCoordsStores a data matrix to a part of ff data img.
saveImgChunkAtIdsStores a data matrix to a part of ff data img.
saveImgChunkToCubeSave a data matrix to a whole cube in rMSI object
SaveMsiDataSave a rMSI object to disk in a compressed .tar file.
SortIDsByAcquisitionSortIDsByAcquisition: Order the rMSI pixel IDs according the...
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