Man pages for protViz/SRMService
Performs Service SRM and LFQ analysis

AnnotationCondition Map
annotationColumnsAnnotation Columns of which is able to handle NA's...
eb.fitfit limma
fixScaffoldQuantReportfix scaffold file (utility function)
getConditionColumnsget required columns for analysis
getIDLabelsid lables for piw
getIntensitiesextracts Intensity columns
getPValsget topTables for all coefficients from a limma lmfit ebayes...
getRequiredColumnsget required columns for analysis
Grp2Analysis-classPerform 2 group analysis with visualization
mergeLimmEBayesResultmerges results produced by multigroupEBaysQvalue
MSstatsMappingmapping of MSStats file names
multigroupEBaysQvalueruns limma and computes qvalues
PeptideTable-classPeptide table
piwotPiwpiwots light
plotNicelyMake nice plots of transitions or peptides with correlations
proteinColumnsProtein Columns
ProteinTable-classProtein Table
ProteinTableR6Protein Table
QCProteinReport-classPerform 2 group analysis with visualization
RMD_LibraryGen_specLProzorCopies the RMD and Run R file for Library generation your...
RMD_QC1To1_OldCopies the Rnw file and Run R file for old 1To1 QC into your...
RMD_Quant_2GrpAnalysiscopies the RMD and Run files for 2 grp analysis in your...
RMD_Quant_QCReportcopies the RMD and Run files for the QuantQCReport in your...
RMD_SRM_QC_NormalizationCopies the Rnw file and Run R file for the SRM QC and...
RMD_VarSelectionCopies the RMD and Run files for variable selection into your...
SRMService-classR access to Bibliospec File
summariseQValuesCompute QValue summaries for each precursor
tidyMQ_ProteinGroupsextract intensities and annotations from MQ proteinGroups.txt
transitionCorrelationsCompute correlation matrix
transitionCorrelationsJackCompute correlation matrix
TransitionTable-classTransition table
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