Man pages for ptl93/AEDA
Automated Exploratory Data Analysis

createBasicReportCreates a Basic Report Object
createCatSumReportCreates a CatSum Report Object
createClusterReportCreates a Cluster Report Object
createCorrReportCreates a Correlation Report Object
createFAReportCreates a FA Report Object
createMDSReportCreates a MDS Report Object
createNumSumReportCreates a NumSum Report Object
createPCAReportCreates a PCA Report Object
fastReportCreates a full report for OpenML data sets
finishReportCreates the main Report with childs
getCatSumComputes the components and plots for the Categorial Summary
getClusterAnalysisComputes the components and plots for the Cluster Analysis
getDataTypeGet Data Types from a data.frame.
getEpsComputes a suitable eps value for DBScan
getMDSAnalysisComputes the multidimensional scaling and plots
getNumSumComputes the components and plots for the Numeric Summary
makeBasicReportTaskCreates a ReportTask Object
makeCatSumCalculates a Categorical Summary
makeCatSumTaskCreates a CategoricalSummaryTask Object (for factor, ordered...
makeClusterAnalysisCalculates a Cluster Analysis
makeClusterTaskCreates a ClusterTask Object
makeCorrCalculates the Correlation Matrix
makeCorrTaskCreates a CorrTask Objects
makeFACalculates a Factor Analysis
makeFATaskCreates a Factor Analysis Task Object for numeric data
makeMDSAnalysisCalculates a Multidimensional Scaling
makeMDSTaskCreates a Multi Dimensional Scaling Task Object
makeNumSumCalculates a Numeric Summary
makeNumSumTaskCreates a NumericSummaryTask Object (for numeric and integer...
makePCACalculates the PCA
makePCATaskCreates a PCATask Object
makeReportCreates a report object
makeReport.BasicReportTaskCreates a BasicReport Object [WIP]
makeReport.CatSumObjCreates an Categorical Summary Report object
makeReport.ClusterAnalysisObjCreates an Cluster Analysis Report object
makeReport.CorrObjCreates an Correlation Report object
makeReport.FAObjCreates an Factor Analysis Report Object
makeReport.MDSAnalysisObjCreates an Multidimensional Scaling Report Object
makeReport.NumSumObjCreates an Numeric Summary Report object
makeReport.PCAObjCreates an PCA Report object
multiplotMultiplot for ggplot
multiplotPagesWrapper for multiplot
naSummaryGiving a NA summary and an image of a data with missing...
openMLReportCreates a full report for OpenML data sets
plotBarCreates a bar plot of a categorical (discrete) feature.
plotDensCreates a density plot for one/ all numerical features(s) of...
plotFeatDistrPlots univariate distribution of a feature.
plotHistCreates a histogram plot for one/ all numerical features(s)...
writeReportWrites a rmd file Report [WIP]
writeReport.BasicReportWrites a rmd file for the Basic Report [WIP]
writeReport.CatSumReportWrites a rmd file for the Categorical Summary Report [WIP]
writeReport.ClusterAnalysisReportWrites a rmd file for the ClusterAnalysis Report [WIP]
writeReport.CorrReportWrites a rmd file for the report [WIP]
writeReport.FAReportWrites a rmd file for the Factor Analysis Report [WIP]
writeReport.MDSAnalysisReportWrites a rmd file for the Multidimensional Scaling Report...
writeReport.NumSumReportWrites a rmd file for the Numeric Summary Report [WIP]
writeReport.PCAReportWrites a rmd file for the report [WIP]
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