Man pages for ptl93/AEDA

basicDataSummaryGet general characteristics of data.frame.
finishReportCreates the main Report with childs
getCatSumComputes the components and plots for the Categorial Summary
getDataTypeGet Data Types from a data.frame.
getNumSumComputes the components and plots for the Numeric Summary
makeBasicReportCreates a BasicReport Object [WIP]
makeCatSumCalculates a Categorical Summary
makeCatSumTaskCreates a CategoricalSummaryTask Object (for factor, ordered...
makeCorrCalculates the Correlation Matrix
makeCorrTaskCreates a CorrTask Objects
makeNumSumCalculates a Numeric Summary
makeNumSumReportCreates an Numeric Summary Report object
makeNumSumTaskCreates a NumericSummaryTask Object (for numeric and integer...
naSummaryGiving a NA summary and an image of a data with missing...
plotBarCreates a bar plot of a categorical (discrete) feature.
plotBoxCreates a box plot of a numerical feature with respect to a...
plotDensCreates a density plot for one/ all numerical features(s) of...
plotFeatDistrPlots univariate distribution of a feature.
plotHistCreates a histogram plot for one/ all numerical features(s)...
writeReport.BasicReportWrites a rmd file for the Basic Report [WIP]
writeReport.NumSumReportWrites a rmd file for the Numeric Summary Report [WIP]
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