Man pages for pwinskill/EPICYST
Cysticercosis ODE and Intervention model

Beta_equilibriumPig to human transmission paramter
Check_effectCheck intervention effect input
Check_interventionsCheck intervention input
E0_equilibriumEquilibrium Eggs
Intervention_effect_sizePre-set intervention effects
Intervention_event_paramImplement parameter intervention
Intervention_event_stateImplement parameter intervention
month_rateMonthly rate
Move_stateMove individuals between state variables
pil_equilibriumLow intensity infected pig -> human infection probability
PRCC_sigPRCC significance test
R0R0 wrapper
R0_internalR0 internal
Replace_paramChange parameter
Run_modelRun Cysticercosis model with interventions
Sensitivity_interventionSensitivity draws for interventions
Sensitivity_paramsSensitivity parameter LHS draw
Set_upSet up
Single_runRun Cysticercosis model ODE
tau_equilibriumEgg to pig transmission paramter
theta_equilibriumEgg to human transmission paramter
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