Man pages for ramirez-a/seahorseFBA
Integration of Seahorse extracellular flux (XF) measurements into a metabolic model to generate flux predictions

convert_unitsConvert pmol/min/ug_protein or pmol/min/ug_DNA to...
essential_testBlock the specified reactions one at a time and maximiize the...
fluxPredictMake predictions from seahorse data by sampling and...
fluxvar_rewriteRewrite fluxVar result into a matrix
get_reactionsGet all the reactions that contain a specified metabolite
map_seahorseMap the seahorse fluxes to metabolic reactions
Recon_21A_reducedRecon 2.1A reduced model
sample_seahorseSample from the seahorse data
seahorse_dataSeahorse XF Analyzer data on brown and white adipocytes
summarize_seahorseSummarize seahorse data by sample and region
sybilXF-packageIntegration of Seahorse extracellular flux (XF) measurements...
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