Man pages for rdiaz02/PHYLOGR
Functions for Phylogenetically Based Statistical Analyses

cancor.phylogCanonical Correlation Analysis from Simulated Data Sets
cor.originCorrelation Through the Origin
GarlandJanis.ICIndependet contrasts for Garland & Janis data set
GarlandJanis.OriginalGarland & Janis's 1993 data on mammalian running speed and...
GarlandJanis.varcovPhylogenetic variance-covariance matrix for Garland & Janis...
Helper.functionsHelper functions
Lacertid.ICIndependet contrasts for Bauwens and Diaz-Uriarte (1997)...
Lacertid.OriginalBauwens and Diaz-Uriarte (1997) lacertid data
Lacertid.varcovVariance-covariance matrix for lacertids from Bauwens and...
lm.phylogLinear Models from Simulated Data Sets
matrix.DProduce the Matrix D of Garland and Ives (2000) for GLS
phylog.gls.fitPhylogenetically-Based GLS Model Fitting
plot.phylog.cancorPlot a phylog.cancor object
plot.phylog.lmPlot a phylog.lm object
plot.phylog.prcompPlot a phylog.prcomp object
prcomp.phylogPrincipal Components Analysis from Simulated Data Sets
print.summary.phylogPrinting summaries of PHYLOGR statistical functions
read.inp.dataRead Inp Data Files
read.pdi.dataRead Pdi Data Files
read.phylip.dataRead Phylip Infile Data Files
read.phylog.matrixRead a Phylogenetic Covariance Matrix
read.sim.dataRead Sim Files From PDSIMUL
SimulExampleA simulated data set
summary.phylog.cancorSummarize a phylog.cancor object
summary.phylog.lmSummarize a phylog.lm object
summary.phylog.prcompSummarize a phylog.prcomp object
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