Man pages for rdshankar/RImmPort
RImmPort: Enabling Ready-for-analysis Immunology Research Data

Adverse-Events-DomainAdverse Events Domain
AEAdverse Events Domain Variables
APMHAssociated Persons Medical History Domain Variables
Associated-Persons-Medical-History-DomainAssociated Persons Medical History Domain
Cellular-Quantification-DomainCellular Quantification Domain
CMConcomitant Medications Domain Variables
Concomitant-Medications-DomainConcomitant Medications Domain
Demographics-DomainDemographics Domain
DMDemographics Domain Variables
DVProtocol Deviations Domain Variables
Events-classEvents class
EXExposure Domain Variables
Exposure-DomainExposure Domain
FAFindings About Domain Variables
Findings-About-DomainFindings About Domain
Findings-classFindings class
Genetics-Findings-DomainGenetics Findings Domain
getAssayDataOfStudiesGet specific assay data of one or more studies from the...
getDomainCodeGet code of a specific domain
getDomainDataOfStudiesGet specific domain data of one or more studies from the...
getListOfAssayTypesGet a list of Assay Types
getListOfDomainsGet names of all domains and their codes
getListOfStudiesGet a list of all studies
getStudiesWithSpecificAssayDataGet a list of studies that have specific assay type data
getStudiesWithSpecificDomainDataGet a list of studies that have specific domain data
getStudyGet all data of a specific study from the ImmPort data source
Interventions-classInterventions class
Laboratory-Test-Results-DomainLaboratory Test Results Domain
LBLaboratory Test Results Domain Variables
loadSerializedStudyDataLoad the Serialized Data of a Study
Medical-History-DomainMedical History Domain
mergeDomainAndSupplementalMerge the Domain dataframe and Supplemental dataframe (long...
MHMedical History Domain Variables
Nucleic-Acid-Quantification-DomainNucleic Acid Quantification Domain
PEPhysical Examination Domain Variables
PFGenetics Findings Domain Variables
Physical-Examination-DomainPhysical Examination Domain
Protein-Quantification-DomainProtein Quantification Domain
Protocol-Deviations-DomainProtocol Deviations Domain
QSQuestionnaires Domain Variables
Questionnaires-DomainQuestionnaires Domain
RImmPortRImmPort: Enabling ready-for-analysis immunology research...
serialzeStudyDataSerialize the Study Data
setImmPortDataSourceSet ImmPort data ource
Skin-Response-DomainSkin Response Domain
SpecialPurpose-classSpecial Purpose class
SRSkin Response Domain Variables
Study-classStudy class
SUSubstance Use Domain Variables
Subject-Visits-DomainSubject Visits Domain
Substance-Use-DomainSubstance Use Domain
SUPPSupplemental Variables
SUPPDVProtocol Deviations Domain Supplemental Variables
SUPPFAFindings About Domain Supplemental Variables
SUPPLBLaboratory Test Results Domain Supplemental Variables
SUPPMHMedical History Domain Supplemental Variables
SUPPPEPhysical Examination Domain Supplemental Variables
SUPPPFGenetics Findings Domain Supplemental Variables
SUPPVSVital Signs Domain Supplemental Variables
SUPPZAProtein Quantification Domain Supplemental Variables
SUPPZBCellular Quantification Domain Supplemental Variables
SUPPZCNucleic Acid Quantification Domain Supplemental Variables
SUPPZDTiter Assay Results Domain Supplemental Variables
SVSubject Visits Domain Variables
TATrial Arms Domain Variables
TITrial Inclusion Exclusion Criteria Domain Variables
Titer-Assay-Results-DomainTiter Assay Results Domain
Trial-Arms-DomainTrial Arms Domain
TrialDesign-classTrial Design class
Trial-Inclusion-Exclusion-Criteria-DomainTrial Inclusion Exclusion Criteria Domain
Trial-Summary-DomainTrial Summary Domain
TSTrial Summary Domain Variables
Vital-Signs-DomainVital Signs Domain
VSVital Signs Domain Variables
ZAProtein Quantification Domain Variables
ZBCellular Quantification Domain Variables
ZCNucleic Acid Quantification Domain Variables
ZDTiter Assay Results Domain Variables
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