Man pages for rgirardi/atlantisfmsy
Estimation of a functional group's Fmsy in Atlantis ecosystem model

atlantis_avbiomspTest if the functional group biomass collapsed.
atlantis_bachchangeChange bach/shell Atlantis file.
atlantis_checkfTest if model uses fishing mortality.
atlantis_checkmoduleTest if Atlantis modules are on.
atlantis_dietextractExtract availability matrix from biological parameters file
atlantis_fchangeChange F in Atlantis.
atlantis_fdistriAtlantis F distribution.
atlantis_fgrpimpTest if functional groups is fished and impacted.
atlantis_fgrponTest if functional groups is active.
atlantis_fleetopenTest if the fleets are active.
atlantisfmsyatlantisfmsy: Estimate a functional group's Fmsy in Atlantis...
atlantisfmsy_completionTest Fmsy simulation completion.
atlantisfmsy_fmaxcatchFind F with the maximum catch and estimate the next F values...
atlantisfmsy_inisimuF simulations up to the collapse of the stock.
atlantisfmsy_modelcopyCopy the calibrated Atlantis model.
atlantisfmsy_plotPlot catches as a function of the fishing mortality
atlantisfmsy_restartRestart Fmsy simulation.
atlantisfmsy_simuFmsy estimation in Atlantis ecosystem model.
atlantis_lastsimuLook for last F simulated.
atlantis_openfileOpen parameters file and look for a specific parameter.
atlantis_paraselectSelect Atlantis parameters file.
atlantis_runtimeChange simulation run time.
atlantis_wsummaryChange writing stock state summary periodicity.
pathconvertConvert paths into shortform on Windows to deals with space...
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