Man pages for roblanf/sangeranalyseR
sangeranalyseR: a suite of functions for the analysis of Sanger sequence data in R

count.stop.codonsCount stop codons in a DNA sequence
make.consensus.seqsAutomatically make consensus sequences by grouping .ab1 files...
make.readsetMake a readset
make.readsetsAutomatically load readsets by grouping .ab1 files by name.
merge.readsMerge sequence reads into a single consensus sequence
secondary.peaksCheck for secondary peaks in a sangerseq object
summarise.abi.fileCreate a detailed summary of a single ABI sequencing file
summarise.abi.folderCreate detailed summaries of all ABI sequencing reads in a...
summarise.merged.readProduce a one-row summary of a merged read
trim.mottTrim a sequences with Mott's modified trimming algorithm an alignment to the limits of a supplied reference...
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