Man pages for royfrancis/pophelper
Tabulate, analyse and visualise admixture proportions from STRUCTURE, TESS, BAPS, ADMIXTURE and tab-delimited q-matrices files

alignKAlign clusters
analyseQAnalyse STRUCTURE, TESS, BAPS or BASIC text runs. Wrapper...
as.qlistConvert a qlist or qlist-like list to a valid qlist.
clumppExportGenerate CLUMPP output from a qlist
collectClumppOutputCollect CLUMPP output files from multiple folders
collectRunsTessCollect TESS cluster run files from multiple folders
distructColoursVector of 90 Distruct colours
distructExportGenerate files for DISTRUCT.
evannoMethodStructurePerform the Evanno method for STRUCTURE runs.
is.qlistVerify if a qlist is formatted correctly.
joinQCombine two or more qlist objects into one
mergeQMerge replicate runs of the same K
plotQGenerate barplots from qlists.
plotQMultilinePlot a qlist as individual-level multiline barplot
readQConvert run files (q-matrices) to qlist.
readQBapsConvert BAPS cluster files to qlist.
readQBasicConvert delimited text files to qlist.
readQClumppConvert CLUMPP format numeric text files to qlist.
readQStructureConvert STRUCTURE run files to qlist.
readQTessConvert TESS cluster files to qlist.
readQTess3Convert TESS3 R object to pophelper qlist.
sortQSort runs in a qlist based on an attribute
splitQSplit a qlist into sublists by attribute
summariseQSummarise a tabulated dataframe
tabulateQTabulate runs from a qlist
verifyGrplabVerify a grplab dataframe
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