Man pages for royfrancis/pophelper
Tabulate, analyse and visualise STRUCTURE, TESS, ADMIXTURE and tab-delimited q-matrices files

analyseQAnalyse STRUCTURE, TESS or BASIC text runs. Wrapper around...
checkQInternal: Check input filetype.
clumppExportGenerate CLUMPP output from a qlist
collectClumppOutputCollect CLUMPP output files from multiple folders
collectRunsTessCollect TESS cluster run files from multiple folders
distructColoursInternal: Vector of 90 Distruct colours
distructExportGenerate files for DISTRUCT.
evannoMethodStructurePerform the Evanno method for STRUCTURE runs.
getColorsInternal: Generate colours based on number of K
getDimInternal: Get dimensions for figures.
getOSInternal: Find current OS
getPlotParamsInternal: Generate parameters for plots with labels
grpLabelsInternal: Handles grp subset/order
is.qlistVerify if a qlist is formatted correctly.
plotQGenerate barplots from qlists.
plotQMultilinePlot a qlist as individual-level multiline barplot
readQConvert run files (q-matrices) to qlist.
readQBasicConvert delimited text files to qlist.
readQClumppConvert CLUMPP format numeric text files to qlist.
readQStructureConvert STRUCTURE run files to qlist.
readQTessConvert TESS cluster files to qlist.
readQTess3Convert TESS3 R object to pophelper qlist.
sortIndInternal: Handles individual sorting
summariseQSummarise a tabulated dataframe
tabulateQTabulate runs from a qlist
unitConverterInternal: Convert value between dimension units
verifyGrplabVerify if a grplab dataframe is formatted correctly.
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