Fluent genomics with plyranges and tximeta

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In fluentGenomics we explore the use of the Bioconductor packages plyranges and tximeta through integrating results from an experiment using RNA-seq and ATAC-seq data. Readers will learn how to perform genomic range based operations in a principled way using plyranges and how to cleanly import quantification and differential expression data into R using tximeta.


The fluentGenomics package is available on Bioconductor:

# install.packages("BiocManager")

To install fluentGenomics from github with associated dependencies use

                     build_vignettes = TRUE,
                     dependencies = TRUE)

To install fluentGenomics from Bioconductor's devel branch use:

BiocManager::install('fluentGenomics',  version = 'devel')


Once the package has been installed, you can work through the vignette directly from R/Rstudio with:


Or you can read it online here


You can use the package as course material directly with the usethis package:


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