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What The Package Does (one line, title case required)

codon_compositionCodon Composition of Sequences
count_codonsCount codons in DNA sequence
count_codons2Count codons
count_kmersCount k-mers in DNA sequence
cross_fold_validationCross fold validation technique to train mRNA stability...
datos_preprocessedPreprocessed train and test data
find_first_stop_codon_positionfind the position of the 1st stop codon that occurs in frame
get_codonsGet the list of codons
initial_preproc_codon_compositionInitial Preprocessing function
load_decay_aa_codon_composition_dataLoad the codon composition anf the decay rate data function...
make_mdl_frameMake Model Frame
optimality_code_embo2016Codon Optimality Code
optimality_countsOptimality Counts bazzini embo 2016
pipePipe operator
prepare_train_and_test_setsPreprate train and test set for modeling
preprocessingData preprocessing
preprocessing_pipelinePreprocessing pipeline
test_setTest data
train_final_modelTrain Final Model
train_setTrain data
tune_modelsTrain Machine Learning models to predict mRNA stability
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