as_sfn_data: SfnData to sfn_data conversion

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View source: R/sm_utils.R


This function converts an SfnData to sfn_data object


as_sfn_data(SfnData, parent_logger = "test")


Things that this funcion do: List of thing to do when passing from SfnData to sfn_data: 1. pl_name in plant metadata must be set to character in all sites. 2. si_biome convert ot character (is factor) 3. tz of solarTIMESTAMP to UTC fixed 4. get rid of ascii characters in pl_sap_units and pl_sap_units_orig 5. leaf data has not pl_sap_units_orig and pl_sap_units does not match due to bug in qc_sapw_conversion function

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