qc_ext_radiation: Solar time conversion

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Calculate the Extraterrestrial Radiation from the TIMESTAMP


qc_ext_radiation(data, site_md, add_solar_ts = FALSE,
  parent_logger = "test")



Environmental data frame containing the TIMESTAMP variable.


Data frame containing the latitude and longitude variables of the site (si_lat and si_long)


Logical indicating if solar timestamp must be added to the environmental data frame.


This function uses several functions from solaR package in order to obtain the mean solar time, the equation of time for each day included in the TIMESTAMP and the extraterrestrial radiation for each step of the TIMESTAMP.


A data frame exactly as data, but with an additional column containing the extraterrestrial radiation in W/m2, and optionally another column containing apparent solar timestamp.

Apparent (Real) Solar Time

The Apparent Solar Time is calculated as:

Apparent Solar Time = Mean Solar Time + Equation of Time

The Equation of Time is calculated for each day, whereas the Mean Solar Time is calculated for each step of the TIMESTAMP.

See Also

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