qc_sapw_area_calculator: Sapwood area calculator

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Function to calculate sapwood area from DBH, bark thickness and sapwood depth


qc_sapw_area_calculator(pl_vars, parent_logger = "test")



Data frame containing the needed variables, usually the result of qc_get_sapw_md.


In the case that sapwood area variable (pl_sapw_area) is not provided, it still is needed to perform the unit conversion. In this case sapwood area can be estimated from DBH and sapwood depth and bark thickness. If bark thickness is not provided, estimation can be made but results should be revised as, depending on the species, error in the estimates can be large.


A data frame, exactly as returned by qc_get_sapw_md, but with the variable pl_sapw_area_est filled with the estimated values.

Ring area formula

The area of a ring is π(R² - r²), where R is the radius including the ring and r is the radius till the ring. Thus, R = (dbh / 2) - bark_thickness and r = (dbh / 2) - bark_thickness - sapwood_depth.

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