id_plot-idealstan-method: Plot Results of 'id_estimate'

id_plot,idealstan-methodR Documentation

Plot Results of id_estimate


This function allows you to access the full range of plotting options for fitted idealstan models.


## S4 method for signature 'idealstan'
id_plot(object, plot_type = "persons", ...)



A fitted idealstan object


Specify the plot as a character string. Currently 'persons' for legislator/person ideal point plot, 'histogram' for a histogram of model estimates for given parameters. Alternatively, use the param option to specify a specific model parameter.


Additional arguments passed on to the underlying functions. See individual function documentation for details.


A character name of a parameter from an idealstan model.


id_plot is a wrapper function that can access the various plotting functions available in the idealstan package. Currently, the options are limited to a plot of legislator/person ideal points with bills/item midpoints as an optional overlay. Additional plots will be available in future versions of idealstan.


A ggplot object

See Also

id_plot_legis for a legislator/person ideal point plot, id_plot_all_hist for a standard histogram plot, id_plot_compare for an ideal point plot of two different models of the same data, id_plot_rhats for a histogram of Rhat values, id_plot_sims for plotting true versus estimated values, id_estimate for how to estimate an idealstan object.

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