Man pages for sckott/XMLSchema
R facilities to read XML schema

BasicSOAPType-classClass "SOAPType"
coerceArgumentCodeCreate R code to coerce an R value to a value appropriate for...
coerceListToS4Simple utility function to convert an list to an S4 object
convertToSNameUtility functions used when generating code
createSOAPConverterDefine the conversion function for an XML representation of a...
defineClassesDefine R classes corresponding to XML schema types
exportClassDefsWrite R code corresponding to existing class definitions.
fromXMLConvert an XML node to an R type
mapSOAPTypeToSDetermine name of R class for an XML data type description
normalizedCharacter-classClass "normalizedCharacter" with newlines, tabs and line...
parseSchemaDocParse an XML schema document and replace the include and...
processSchemaTypeAssemble R descriptions of XML Schema types
readSchemaRead the given XML schema and process the contents
resolveLookup the definition of a type by name
SchemaCollection-classClass '"SchemaCollection"' and '"SchemaTypes"'
SOAPTypeCreates a SchemaType object
VirtualXMLSchemaClass-classClass "VirtualXMLSchemaClass"
XMLSchemaTypesTable of information for built-in primitive data types in XML...
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