XMLSchemaTypes: Table of information for built-in primitive data types in XML...

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This is a "table" or "database" that provides information for the different built-in primitive data types defined within the XML schema specification and how these relate to R data types. This is a list with entries for each of the primitive data types and identifies the corresponding R class/type (e.g. "character", "numeric", "SOAPDate") that can be used as the type for a slot in an R class to represent that type, and a mapping between the XSD schema type name and

This needs to be formalized more.


The format is a named list with each element itself being a named list. The top-level names provide the name of the R class that corresponds to the XML schema type. Each element is a list that can contain the elements "xsi:type", "type", "soapClass", "from" and very specially "xsi:null". from is a function object that can be called with a value as a string (or potentially XML node if we extend the scope of this table) and converts that to the corresponding R value of the appropriate R type.


The XML schema specification at http://www.w3.org/XML/Schema.



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